street comfort

In our product category “Street Comfort” you will find all products of the brand KW suspensions, which enable an increased level of usability and driving comfort.

Ρυθμιζόμενη ανάρτηση KW DDC ECU

Our KW DDC Coilover Suspension kits combine the advantages of an adaptive damping system with a stylish and sporty lowering depending on your individual needs. The adaptive KW Coilover Suspension Kits are available as KW DDC plug&play variant for vehicles with electronically controlled shocks and KW DDC ECU variant with an optional Smartphone app control for vehicles without actively controlled shocks. Currently the KW DDC plug&play and KW DDC ECU coilover suspension kits are available for over 300 vehicle types.


KW Hydraulic Lift-System

We have developed the KW Hydraulic Lift System so that you can easily overcome speed bumps or steep ascents in multi-story car parks without difficulty. At the push of a button the HLS system lifts vehicles by up to 45 millimeters and obstacles can be passed easily. The hydraulic lift system is available for installed KW coilover suspensions, for selected original suspensions, and as a complete system including KW coilover suspension kit.


KW Street Comfort

Do you find your original or retrofitted sports suspension too uncomfortable and unharmonious for your everyday life? Our KW Street Comfort coilover suspension kits combine driving dynamics with a clear plus in driving comfort compared to conventional sports suspensions. On request, you can adjust the handling or driving comfort individually more tightly or comfortably using the integrated rebound damping (TVR-A technology). With the Street Comfort coilover kits, you get the perfect compromise between driving dynamics and driving comfort.