Excellent handling at a Top speed of 320 km/h: KW coilover kit for the new Geiger Corvette and Series-C7



Sports cars made in the USA are already well known to KW suspensions. Our first overall victory at the 24h-Race Nürburgring on the Nordschleife circuit was accomplished together with Zakspeed and their legendary Viper by the way. We also collaborated a few years ago with the Chrysler group and equipped all Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR special models with a KW coilover kit V3, so KW are no stranger to improving US cars.


The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray surprises the motoring press with an amazing driving behaviour as standard and puts the rumour that US-Sports cars that are only suitable for the Route 66 to rest. Geiger Cars gives the latest Corvette C7 a greater driving dynamic with the help of KW Variant 3 coilovers. The original version of the Corvette C7 Stingray is equipped with transverse leaf springs and separate dampers.


After removal of the leaf springs and stock dampers, the KW coilover can be installed to the double wishbones and the upper fixing point. There are no more modifications necessary when changing the KW coilover setup. To ensure a direct handling, the basic setup of the coilover comes already installed.


KW developed the C7 V3 in numerous real world tests and also on the KW 7 post rig the basic setup. If you want you still can adjust the dampers in rebound and compression.


While the basic KW damper setup is designed for the standard Corvette with its factory 460 PS, the KW suspension can also be tuned to consider the modifications made by Geiger Cars with the separate adjustability of rebound and compression. A „Geiger-Corvette“ is equipped with an Eaton supercharger conversion, that increases the power of the classic 6,2 liter-V8 from 460 PS up to an incredible 590 PS.


Additionally there are even lighter forged wheels in 9,5 x 19 and 11 x 20 inch with 225/30R19 and 305/25R20 ultra-high performance tyres.


The driver can adjust the compression level manually by hand on the KW damper with twelve exact clicks on the purple wheel. Simply put, with a higher compression level the grip of the wheels will increase; it is necessary with this engine power of the Geiger Corvette.


The handling will be adapted with the rebound force. To make changes in the rebound force, you have 16 clicks available.


In order that the carbon fibre bodywork kit fits with the sporting aesthetic, the Geiger Corvette C7 is also lowered. The shorter KW struts enable a continuous lowering between 10 to 35 millimetres at the front axle and between 15 and 45 millimetres at the driving axle.


For further information about the Geiger Cars Corvette, please visit the website www.geigercars.de. For our KW coilovers and further award winning products check our homepage: www.kwsuspensions.com/home/


Photos: KW, GeigerCars, Chrysler/Dodge


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